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Board of Directors

The Francine Delany Board of Directors is made up of teachers, parents and community members.  Board meetings are held each month August through June with the exception of December.  The meetings begin at 5:15 and are held online at this time.  Board meetings are public and anyone interested is welcome to attend.  If you would like to join us remotely please email for the link to attend.

The dates for the 2021-2022 school year are on the following Thursdays at 5:15 on Zoom click on the date to see the meeting minutes: 

August 26th

September 16th

October 21st

November 18th

January 20th

February 17th

March 17th

April 21st

May 19th

June 9th

Board Meeting Minutes

Board Minutes and other public record documents can be found at the links below or hard copies are available in the Main Office.

Archive 1997-2020

The 2021-2022 Francine Delany New School for Children Board Members:

Patricia Waters, President

Katrina Oliver, Vice President

Elana Froehlich, Secretary

Amber Hamlin

Missy Reed

Gen Kogure

Michelle Chromey

Tiece Ruffin

Bob Smith

Julie Springsteen

Brian Pesci

Kelsey Goss

Melissa Murphy