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After School Program

The Delany Afterschool Program is a place where kids get to relax, go crazy, make art, play games and have fun.  Kids have a lot of free time built into the schedule. Free time might involve some kids shooting hoops, a game of kickball on the field, kids chatting on the swings, and others sitting around a table coloring with markers and gel pens.  We love mud, games, and art.

There are two groups, a K-4 group and a 5th-8th group that are separated for most of the day.  Having kids in multi-age groups is a really great way to get to know other kids at the school and find friends outside of class.  

K-4 Group

The K-4 group starts off the day with a circle where our theme might be sportsmanship or how we feel.  Kids answer the theme question and then get to make an announcement about anything they like.  After circle, we serve snack (and sometimes cook it too!) and then have free time.  Some days there are activities during a free time like making slime that kids can choose to participate in. After free time we settle in for 20-30 minutes of homework and read aloud for K-2.  Once kids are done with homework, there is more free-choice time inside and outside.  We have abundant art supplies and outdoor game supplies like hula hoops and balls.  

5th-8th Group

The 5th-8th group starts off with free time outside and then settles into a longer homework period, anywhere from 30-45 minutes.  After homework time is finished, they mix with the younger grades and everyone has free choice outside or inside. Different clubs, like cooking, meet some days for older kids and they can choose to attend those clubs or not.  Kids who go to school study hall or sports can come to afterschool when those activities are over.

We follow similar behavior policies as the kids see during the school day.  We encourage kids to have big feelings in a way that doesn’t create a mess to clean up.  We talk out our disagreements and respect each other’s differences.

Attendance & Hours

Regular and Early Dismissal Days
School Dismissal – 6 PM

Teacher Workdays
8 AM – 6 PM.  

Families pick 2-5 days per week to attend, on a schedule, such as MWF or 5 days a week.  If you need to switch or add a day, that is usually fine if there is space available. 

**COVID-19 Update:  The Delany Afterschool Program will follow the same guidelines for COVID-19 as the school day.  However, we will have 3 separate groups that will not mix at the end of the day.  There will be a K, 1st, 2nd group, a 3rd-4th group, and a 5th-6th group.  7th-8th graders will be considered based on space available


Tuition is billed by the month. Financial aid is available by application.

2 days/week:

3 days/week:

4 days/week:

5 days/week:

To reserve a space

Fill out the registration form and return with $25. If you have already registered and been accepted, please fill out the Student Information form for us to have on file.

For questions or more information, email