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Middle school students during elective

The Francine Delany Middle School electives program encourages students to pursue interests and passions beyond the core curriculum. Students choose from a variety of topics including performing arts, visual arts, stem education, cooking, gardening, poetry, and health and wellness. The elective descriptions that follow are a broad sampling of courses offered in the last few years. Not all courses run each year.

Community Portraits

Studying various media of portraits with community members as the subjects. 

Landscape Arts

Exploring landscape elements through drawing, painting, planning, design, and maybe even building birdhouses.

Mandala Weaving I

This is a beginners class for the meditative weaving practice known around the world as ojos de dios or mandalas.  We will practice presence, relaxation, focus and learn the basics of weaving in circle. We will also explore the larger weaving community around the world.  This is a hands-on class and students will be expected to weave every class. 

Mandala Weaving II

In this class we will dive deeper into technique and expression through color and design of our mandalas. We will practice presence, relaxation, focus and learn in circle together.  This class is best for experienced crafters and or students who have taken my weaving class before. This is a hands-on class and students will be expected to weave in every class.  

Crochet for a Cause

In this class, we will learn beginning to intermediate crochet skills. Everyone will be able to create a scarf or hat that we will donate to homeless individuals as winter approaches. We will also all contribute one crocheted square that will be connected to make a class blanket. All of the skills you learn can be used to create amazing homemade gifts for friends and family as well as items to sell in the school Craft Fair. The possibilities are endless!

Intro to Ukulele

Intro to Ukulele: We’ll learn the basic chord and strum patterns to enable you to accompany a variety of pop and folk songs. Plus an introduction to the notes on the fretboard and how to play a melody.


Singing is more fun when you’re surrounded by friends! It’s also a great way to learn the basics of intonation, harmony and rhythm. In Chorus we’ll have an introduction to music theory and sight reading through singing pop and folk songs.

Digital Audio Workstation (Beatmaking)

Digital Audio Workstation- Students will use Soundtrap for Education to create music and podcasts with unlimited storage. Soundtrap is a cloud-based, music and audio-creating platform that can be accessed from any computer, phone or tablet.  


In this elective we’ll explore the concept of balance through slacklining! Slacklining is something that everyone can learn to do – you don’t need to be a high performing athlete or a crazy circus person to learn how to balance. If you can walk you can balance, and if you can balance you can slackline. Each student will receive their own Slackline Skill Progression Guide at the start of class, and will be able to set their own goals for learning 25+ tricks with guidance & instruction from professional slackline instructors. Along with those slackline skills, we’ll also learn techniques for quieting the mind, cultivating one-pointed focus, and bringing balance into other aspects of your life. 

Contemporary Dance, Hip Hop, and Street Dance

In this class, we will investigate Contemporary Dance (“So You Think You Can Dance), Hip Hop, and Street Dance and their relationship to social justice. This will allow for individual creativity, self-exploration, and expression. You will learn choreographed phrases as will have opportunities to contribute movements from your own dance repertoire.

Modern Contemporary Dance

Modern and contemporary dance are exciting because they allow for self-exploration and expression. Learn and build upon the founding principles of modern & contemporary dance technique that you have seen in the movies and on TV. You will also have the opportunity to use choreographic composition tools to develop your own solo and/or group movement phrases with your fellow dancers that we will use to create a final performance. 


Want to start your week with relaxation, calm, massage, and stretches? Then the yoga elective is the class for you! The class focuses on relaxation and breathing exercises and learning the Sun Salutation. This class takes your mind off the stresses of life and lets you clear your mind. Mats are provided, all you need to do is wear comfortable clothes and be ready to “bliss out.” Class is for grades 6-8.


Practice ball handling, passing and shooting, and defense strategies. We will run drills to improve these fundamentals and will always play a game. This class will improve your game, make you more basketball savvy and prepare you to take on more skilled players.


Robotics courses perfect for kids who like to work with their hands — tomorrow’s engineers. Themes include Intro to LEGO, LEGO Simple Machines, and LEGO Environmental Science.

STEM Engineering

Engineering provides a powerful way to inspire students’ interest, engagement, and understanding of engineering through hands-on electronics projects. Themes include Intro to Circuits and Intro to Microcontrollers.