The Hospitality League provides an opportunity for its players to participate in organized sporting events. We believe that fitness is important, and we strive for a positive atmosphere of physical activity and playing as a team.

We want students who have never participated in organized sports – and students who have been involved in organized sports – to have a place to learn about athletic skills, to build leadership, and team-building skills, to gain confidence in themselves, to participate in friendly competition, and most importantly to have fun. Our students take pride in their teams and work to maintain a reputation of hard working athletes, who bring smiles to the faces of their fans, schoolmates, and spectators. 

All nine schools are committed to giving athletes a positive experience, where middle school students participate in co-ed sports. During any game, a spectator would see that all students get to play, there is a stronger emphasis on playing than winning, coaches model positive sportsmanship, and everyone at the event is encouraged to support and nurture a caring atmosphere. Each year, teams participate in flag football, basketball, and soccer.