Middle 5-8

Middle school girls

Middle school is a challenging and pivotal time in a child’s life and development. At Francine Delany, we believe in nurturing young adolescents’ emotional and social wellbeing, while providing rich academic experiences. We keep our class sizes small to ensure relationships stay at the forefront of our community, and help us meet the individual needs of each learner.

In 7th and 8th grade, students at Francine Delany are educated within guidelines of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. They engage in fun and unique learning experiences in each subject – in reading and writing students participate in book clubs, create their own TED Talks and complete thoughtful writing projects like editorials, letters to elected officials, and memoirs.  In social studies learners investigate history to understand current events through the lens of social justice. Learners host exhibits of their work, deliver public speeches, and practice reaching out to our community to support issues that are important to them.  Graduates of FDNSC leave with a nuanced understanding of the layers of injustice and oppression and are equipped to identify allies and actions to take towards greater justice and equity.  

In science students work together on labs and research projects that include calculating speed and acceleration with matchbox cars, and investigating speed by calculating how fast they can chew gum.  They view cells under a microscope and make cell cakes using candy to represent organelles. We also partner with local environmental organizations like RiverLink and Greenworks to investigate our local watershed and give back to our community.  

Math learning is highly collaborative at Francine Delany. Students work in small groups to solve challenging problems, and learn teamwork and how to persevere. For learners who have displayed that they are ready for a greater challenge, Math 1, a high school level course, is available in 8th grade.

To change the pace and offer other integrated educational opportunities, Francine Delany offers elective classes. Some elective courses that have been offered in the past are STEM club, slacklining, cooking, basketball, art, knitting, dance, music, and acting.

Our students report a smooth transition to high school.   Many of our graduates take on leadership roles within their high school, and most report being prepared for the coursework in their academic areas.  

FDNSC middle school is a supportive community.  We work to build meaningful relationships, support increased independence and critical thinking, and uplift each learner.  

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