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We are Francine Delany

boy pals at Francine Delany

We are Francine Delany New School for Children — a place for strong learning.

You can see the difference as soon as you walk into our classrooms. Students are involved, invested and immersed in their learning and community. They are challenged to think critically, to reach ambitious academic goals with confidence, and to value the principles of social justice. They learn the self-motivation needed to work independently and the cooperation needed to work well in groups.

Student giving a presentation
A group of girls creating art during ceramics elective

We are Francine Delany New School for Children — a place for exceptional teaching.

Our teachers are dedicated to their students and passionate about their teaching. Rather than teach from pre-packaged, commercial programs, our teachers invest in strengthening our school’s curriculum and deepening their own knowledge of how students learn, classroom management and organization. Our curriculum and assessment use North Carolina’s Standard Course of Study. Our teachers tailor their work with individual students to help them become independent, responsible, and confident learners. Our program of study encourages and values creativity and curiosity. 

We are Francine Delany New School for Children — a place for caring community.

The mutual trust and respect of the teacher-student relationship forms the foundation of a nurturing learning community where students learn the effective use of conflict resolution skills, the impact of good vs. poor choices, and the importance of respect for others.

Students enjoying recess outside on campus