You can see the difference as soon as you walk into our classrooms. Students are involved, invested and immersed in their learning and community. They are challenged to think critically, to reach ambitious academic goals with confidence, and to value the principles of social justice. They learn the self-motivation needed to work independently and the cooperation needed to work well in groups. Our small class sizes ensure that teachers can tailor instruction on a individual level and meet each learner where they are. We have a strong resilient school community, where there is mutual trust and respect between students, teachers, and parents.

In the elementary grades at Francine Delany, we emphasize the importance of real-world, hands-on learning so that students have a deeper level of understanding. We do this through an integrated approach rather than a prescribed curriculum or rote memorization. 

Middle school is a challenging and pivotal time in a child’s life and development. At Francine Delany, we believe in nurturing young adolescents’ emotional and social well-being, while providing rich academic experiences. We keep our class sizes small to ensure relationships stay at the forefront of our community, and help us meet the individual needs of each learner.