Parent Testimonials

“Francine Delany has been the perfect school for our daughters.  They are seen as individuals, not numbers.  Their teachers make efforts to know their strengths and areas of challenge and support their growth.  Francine Delany creates a community with it’s students, families, and all staff.  We have felt very supported by this school.”   – Z.B., parent

Francine Delany’s dedication to community inclusion and social justice are evident throughout the curriculum, even for the youngest grades. I love and appreciate the encouragement of big-picture thinking, curious wonder, and inclusivity the teachers espouse. The emphasis on cultural and racial diversity and different family dynamics is especially important for us. The teachers approach education with a student-focused love of learning and community building and that makes a tremendous difference.  -A.W., parent

Francine Delany has been a safe harbor for learning and friendship for our two children. We’ve been struck by the attentiveness and discernment of the school’s leaders, and the creativity and sheer giftedness of the teachers, even in times of great challenge. The peace-of-mind we enjoy from entrusting our kids to this special place has changed our lives for the better in every way.  – M.D., parent