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We are glad to count you as a part of our Francine Delany New School for Children’s community! As a school, we raise money once a year to help pay for some of the unforeseen, unfunded and necessary parts that make our school run. In a typical year we would be raising money for things such as transportation, providing free or reduced priced lunches for those who need it, and technology upgrades to keep our school current. 

In the past our fundraisers have also doubled as ways to be in community with you and were events such as the Fun Run and the Funky Formal. These fundraisers involved getting us together, enjoying one another’s company while fundraising. While we would love nothing more than doing just that this year, it is just not possible. In their place, we are asking for you to stay at home, not sell anything and just give what you can.

Our Progress

Our Goal: $20,000

We’ve Raised: $11,500

Our most pressing needs…

Being in remote school for the majority of this school year has not only changed the look and feeling of school it also has put additional stress and cost on our technology budget. Hotspot and Chromebook purchases have been our biggest line items. Our Chromebooks were not meant to be in such constant use and we anticipate that their lifetimes will be cut short because of the use they have received. Being in remote school has also limited the ways in which people can volunteer and help the school. This fundraiser is one really meaningful and incredibly generous way for you to interact. The best part is, you will see your funds in use every school day! Every dollar counts. 

FDNSC is a 501(c)3 non profit which makes your donation 100% tax deductible. Maybe your company participates in company matching? Company matching is a fantastic way to double your donation. If you have family members who would like to help in this way, we have letters printed out and ready to be sent in the office or you could just print and send this letter along. FDNSC’s tax ID is 56-1995085.