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Elana Froehlich Title-I Coordinator

Elana Froehlich

Title I Teacher, Board Secretary

Elana Froehlich, has been teaching at Francine Delany since 1997, where she taught Kindergarten/1st grade for 11 years. She, along with 6 other teachers and 5 parents, founded Francine Delany New School for Children. Elana began her career as a Montessori teacher in Alabama. She received a B.A. in education from Warren Wilson College and went on to teach in Asheville City Schools as a K-2 teacher before working on the charter for Delany. She presently is the Title 1 reading teacher and serves on the Executive Council and the Directorate. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her dogs and  family, playing the ukulele, and loving the outdoors.

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