A diverse K-8 community committed to social justice and the inherent worth of every person

Students reading a book.

A place for strong learning, exceptional teaching, and a caring community

We believe that students learn best when actively engaged in an experientially rich, hands-on program of study. They’re challenged to develop critical thinking skills and to reach ambitious academic goals while developing self-respect and respect for others. Curiosity and creativity are valued; teachers function as guides and partners.

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The Voices of Francine Delany

boy pals at Francine Delany
“Francine Delany has been a safe harbor for learning and friendship for our two children. We’ve been struck by the attentiveness and discernment of the school’s leaders, and the creativity and sheer giftedness of the teachers, even in times of great challenge. The peace-of-mind we enjoy from entrusting our kids to this special place has changed our lives for the better in every way.”
- Mack Dennis, Parent
elementary students art
“Francine Delany is the best thing that has ever happened to our child. His excitement for learning, commitment to social justice and curiosity about the world around him have all been born and nurtured at FDNSC! The community of staff and parents is truly a family that cares, connects and encourages each other.”
- Tony and Missy Reed, Parents
students sitting in auditorium
“Francine Delany has been the perfect school for our daughters. They are seen as individuals, not numbers. Their teachers make efforts to know their strengths and areas of challenge and support their growth. Francine Delany creates a community with it's students, families, and all staff. We have felt very supported by this school.”
- Hannah Myerbell, Parent
young student holding sanitizer wearing mask
“Francine Delany's dedication to community inclusion and social justice are evident throughout the curriculum, even for the youngest grades. I love and appreciate the encouragement of big-picture thinking, curious wonder, and inclusivity the teachers espouse...The teachers approach education with a student-focused love of learning and community building and that makes a tremendous difference.”
- Ashley Wilberding, Parent
Teacher Brian Pesci
“Our commitment to building community and growing students who are caring problem-solvers gives me the chance to laugh and have fun with the students. Students are given a safe, supportive space to learn and explore who they want to be in this world. I have a lot of joy throughout my days.”
- Brian Pesci, 5th/6th Math and Science Teacher
Brady Rochford 7th-8th Grade LA-SS Teacher
“Working at Francine Delany means I get to explore history and literature through the lens of social justice every day. It means I get to cheer on uncertain middle schoolers, and reflect their beautiful power back at them, so they see and feel their potential. I get to spend time reflecting on how I show up in the world, and practice being better. We do all of this together, as a community, for whom I am infinitely grateful. ”
- Brady Rochford, 7th/8th Language Arts and SS Teacher
Rachel Harris 7th-8th Grade Math Teacher
““Francine Delany is a great place to work! Our students are empowered to be self-advocates and develop self-confidence through strong relationships with teachers and peers. These connections help them to take responsibility for their learning and help them to grow as students! I am honored and love that I am a part of relationship building and important development for our wonderful children!””
- Rachel Harris, 7th/8th Math Teacher
Kelsey Goss 1st Grade Teacher
“I love the strong sense of community at Francine Delany, where uniqueness is appreciated and diversity is valued. The staff is extremely talented and dedicated, and everyone is committed to thinking outside the box to meet every student’s individual needs.”
- Kelsey Goss, Teacher

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