Our eighth graders have been working hard on essays and podcasts. Check out their latest publishings here.

Roe v. Wade By Maika– Pulitzer Essay

Immigration– Podcast

Lead Pollution by Harper– Pulitzer Essay *Pulitzer Finalist*

Refugee Resettlement– Podcast

Lead Exposure by Danny– Pulitzer Essay

Refugees in Syria– Podcast

Renewable Energy by Zion– Pulitzer Essay

Refugee by Alan Gratz– Podcast

Comprehensive Sex Ed by Tristan– Pulitzer Essay *Pulitzer Finalist*

Gang Violence in Guatemala– Podcast

Help for Refugees by Naomi– Pulitzer Essay

Immigration– Podcast

Stopping Greenwashing by Jade– Pulitzer Essay

Citizenship– Podcast

Habitat Loss by Layla– Pulitzer Essay

Refugees in Asheville– Podcast