Student Testimonials

“What makes Francine Delany so special is the sense of community that is fostered between its staff, students and families. This sense of community endures long after graduation. It’s been 12 years since I graduated, but I still continue to feel supported and cared for by this amazing Francine Delany community.” -former student, Lacy

“My favorite thing about FDNSC is all the kids to play with because they’re nice.” – 2nd Grade, E.

“What I like about FDNSC is that I get to read, and I like reading.” -2nd grade, E.

“FDNSC has been a great way to spend 7 years of my life. The staff is awesome, my classmates are awesome, and the education awesome. In my eyes the campus is magical I don’t know why, it just feels like its my home. At FDNSC I have made so many friends, little did I know that soon those friends and teachers would start feeling like a second family. Over all this school is probably one of the best ones ever.” -6th grader, L.

“I like FDNSC because we don’t just do worksheets all day, we actually get to go outside and have real-life examples of what we are learning. I came here in 2nd grade and I’ve loved going here ever since.” -6th grader, H.