Giving Campaigns

We treat our fundraisers as excuses to have fun once a year! We love to find ways to blend community building along with a purpose. The two alternating fundraising events we currently have are our “Funky Formal” and “Fun Run”.

funky formal

Partnering with the Isis, a local music club, The Funky Formal is an opportunity for the adults to dance along with our teacher band, “Pop Quiz”, bid on silent auction items and have a great time. What a chance to be out with friends and make some new ones all while raising money for our school!

Fun Run

The second event we have is our Fun Run which features our best part, our students! Run in a gymnasium, lit with disco balls and string lights, music playing is a raucous good time. Running one grade at a time while the others cheer them on, money is raised by pledges per lap. Both of these annual fundraisers are the one time a year we ask out community to help us raise money to support our school.