A Day in the Life of a Kindergartener

We begin our days with a warm greeting at the door and progress to Morning Stations. Each day, children are paired with a partner and assigned a drawer that may contain a game, a fine motor activity, a puzzle, or an art project. Students work in their drawers until the beginning of Morning Meeting when we gather on the carpet to greet each other and get ready for the day ahead.

After our meeting, it is Work Station time where the class rotates through learning stations which include Teacher Time, Math, Art, Word Work, Blocks, Art, iPads, Writing, Playdough, and Games. By the end of the week, each child has visited each station.

Now it’s time to grab our snacks and head outside to the playground for recess where children jump rope, play tag, swing on the swings, play basketball, or enter the creative worlds of imaginative fun!

When everyone is worn out, we head back inside for Storytime and Writing. During writing, we use letter sounds and concepts of print to make books, create illustrations, and write about stories from our lives. After all our hard work, the children have lunch and get a chance to socialize with their friends. As they finish eating, they tidy up and get their spots and get ready for Rest and Read. This is a time that children can snuggle with a blanket and recharge their batteries while looking at books and reading with teachers who are circulating the room.

After we rise and shine, it is time for a Specialist class which maybe Art, Music, Creative Movement, or Physical Education. Back they come and we will explore the world of numbers, shapes, and counting during Math Workshop. Our day ends with Free Choice time and/or extra time outside to play. The students have earned it and play is also a kindergartener’s work!

Subjects such as Social Studies and Science are integrated throughout our learning and follow our goals of being curious, taking care of the Earth, and making it a more fair place for everyone.