Dear FDNSC Community,

We reach out to you at this time of unrest in our community.  We know that this response to the killing of unarmed Black men and women, often at the hands of law enforcement, is a response to today’s murders, and to the history of lynching in this country.  We stand with the nation as we mourn and seek justice for the recent murders of Mr. George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor (to name but a few).  We also recognize, as an institution of education, our role in continually working to end the institutional racism that pervades the systems that govern our society and citizenry.  

As a school, Francine Delany will continue to serve not only as an ally, but also as an “accomplice” for social justice. We believe in continued, measured efforts towards reform, not simply episodic solidarity.  Our energy will not fade, but continue until real change is made.

We are committed to continuing the following, and invite you to join us in:

  • directly challenging institutional racism, white supremacy, colonization, and systems of oppression as we integrate anti-racist and Black studies across grade levels.  
  • hiring, supporting, and promoting more employees of color.
  • providing sustained anti-racist professional development to our staff, which includes sending all teachers to Racial Equity Institute.
  • offering anti-racist workshops and events for families.
  • offering spaces for our older students to discuss race and antiracism within caucus groups.
  • ensuring Black students have equitable access to academically rich experiences and opportunities.

Recognizing we don’t have all the answers, we would like to help galvanize our FDNSC community, and so, offer a few resources, challenges, and opportunities.  

  1. Join us in forming a Racial Equity Committee, which will work to create a Racial Equity Plan for our school.  If you are interested please email  
  2. Read or listen to Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi   The book is currently free on Spotify.  We will host a book club in August for FDNSC families.  To sign up email
  3. Participate in the 21 Day Challenge, and for 21 days do one action to further your understanding of power, privilege, supremacy, oppression, and equity.  They provide a tracking chart to stay on task, and the challenge may be done alone or in groups.
  4. Support one of the social justice organizations and Black Owned businesses listed below.

We know that this time is traumatic and would also like to let Black families know that we want to hear from you about how we can be supportive now and beyond this moment.  

At Francine Delany we believe in the strength and solidarity of our community and look forward to continuing to work towards justice through education, personal growth, and community advocacy.  


FDNSC Executive Council and Board of Directors 


Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You by Jayson Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi

21 Day Challenge Racial/Equity Habit Building Challenge

Watch Jason Reynolds talk about how to talk to your children about race

Listen to Jason Reynolds talk about how to talk to your children about race

Resources for White Parents on Raising Anti-Racist Children Includes books and videos for children and adults.

Teaching Tolerance

The Brown Bookshelf

Colorful Pages Coalition

The Urban News

Mindful Schools-Mindfulness can be a tool to develop awareness and compassion so we are resourced to take action to address racism and injustice.

Organizations to Support:

Local Organizations

Racial Justice Coalition of Asheville

Building Bridges of Asheville

Asheville YWCA

Beloved Asheville


A List of More Local Organizations

Local Youth Organizations

My Daddy Taught Me That

My Sistah Taught Me That

YTL: Youth Transformed for Life

Delta House

National Organizations

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Equal Justice Initiative

Black Lives Matter

The Movement for Black Lives

Campaign Zero

Black Owned Businesses to Support:

Asheville Green Book (Hood Huggers International)

See Burton Street Peace Garden FB Page for more business updates

AVL Today 20 Black-owned.   Businesses