Getting Started with Blogs

Technology Essential Standards…

Getting Started with Edublogs

1. Set up your blog account:

2. Set your privacy settings (moderating discussion; privacy settings).

3. Add student users as contributors using graduatingyearstudentfirstname (ex. 2020joe) as username and as the email. 
“Contributers” must have their posts approved before publishing.

4.. Retrieve passwords in fdnsc blog email account.

5. Log in as student and change passwords accordingly.

6. Start using your blog!

Create Your Blog Guidelines:

Add a Clustr Map:

Add a Flag Counter:

Store and Upload Video:

Classroom Blog Examples

Melissa’s Current Class (See also here: Jessica’s Blog and Roslyn’s Blog)

Melissa’s 2009-2010 1st/2nd Grade

Melissa and Jessica’s 208-2009 Caterpillar Blog- Starting Small: A Project Blog

Working Toward: An Exemplary Blog

Bigger Projects:

Create a Voicethread:

Use a Live Stream Camera: