Safe School Policy

We strive to provide the entire school community with a safe, orderly, and caring learning environment. In this section, we outline items we prohibit from our campus. In addition, please note that bringing any of these items onto school property can result in disciplinary actions. (You may ask in the office to see the Safe Schools Policy in its entirety)

What is absolutely prohibited on FDNSC’s campus?

We prohibit the following on campus:

·         Knives (including pocket knives, folding knives, sheath knives, “Swiss Army” and “Leatherman” or other multi-tools that include knife blades)

·         Weapons

·         Alcohol

·         Tobacco

·         Drugs (including both illegal, over-the-counter, prescription)

If your child requires medication at school please see the Safety and Health

Policy for procedures.

Bringing weapons, alcohol, tobacco, or drugs to school will result in the following:

·         We will consider this action a serious misbehavior.

·         We will suspend the student from school immediately.

·         We may contact the police or take other legal action if appropriate or necessary.

Also remember, if a student uses any object as a weapon and threatens, intimidates, or injures another student or staff member, the same consequences apply. We will immediately suspend the student and may contact the police.

Since tobacco is prohibited on campus, can I smoke if I’m at school?

No. We prohibit all tobacco, alcohol, and drugs.