Frequently Asked Questions


Inclement Weather

How will I know if the school is closed because of inclement weather?

1.     Watch WLOS-TV or check for our school name. You may also listen to WCQS (88.1) FM. We do not follow the Asheville City School system. You will see or hear our school name if school is cancelled.

2.     If our name appears, it will specify whether FCNSC is:

·         Open with no buses on icy roads,

·         Open at 10:00 am, or

·         Closed.

What will change if the school opens at 10:00 am?

When the school opens late because of weather, we will not provide morning or afternoon transportation. You must drop-off and pick-up your child on these days. Please drop your children off between 9:45 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.  There is no scheduled supervision prior to 9:45 a.m.

Please remember that we want you and your child to be safe.  If school opens at 10:00 a.m. and your roads are too dangerous to travel, please send us a signed note to that effect within two days of your child’s return to school, and we will excuse the absence.

What if my child goes to an after school program run by Asheville Parks and Recreation?

In addition to looking for FDNSC status, you’ll also need to know if Asheville City Schools are closed. If Asheville City Schools are closed, the Asheville Parks and Recreation’s after-school programs will be cancelled.

What if my child goes to another after school program?

Be sure to listen for your after-school program and plan accordingly.

What if the weather turns bad during the day?

·         Listen to TV or radio for announcements.

·         Feel free to pick up your child any time you believe weather is making roads hazardous.

·         If your child’s early dismissal plan is different than his or her regular after school transportation, please let your child’s teacher know in writing.  Again, check with your after- school arrangement to see if it provides service for early dismissal.  Your child’s teacher must be aware of what you want your child to do.


We live within the Asheville City School district, what are the transportation options for my child?

To help us keep our transportation budget affordable, we ask that parents who can transport their children or carpool with other families do so.

If you live within one mile of the school, you must drop-off and pick-up your child.

If you live beyond one mile, we may be able to provide bus service. Our bus service completes a one hour loop around the city picking up students at different locations within the Asheville City School District limits.  The main bus stops currently include stops at (or close to) the West Asheville community center, Hall Fletcher Elementary, the Reid Center, the Jewish Community Center, Claxton Elementary, and Isaac Dickson Elementary.  Our bus may be able to accommodate other stops along this route. Please call the office for more information.

We live outside of the Asheville City School district, what are the transportation options for my child?

Unfortunately, we do not provide a bus service for families outside the City School district.

If my child rides the bus, what should he or she know?

Safety for all bus riders is critically important. For this reason, all students must follow the rules below.

Bus Safety Rules

●        Enter the bus in a quiet and safe manner

·                     Go directly to your assigned seat

·                     Keep your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself

·                     Keep noise at a low level or no talking if requested by bus monitor

·                     Stay in your assigned seat until the bus has come to a complete stop

·                     Exit the bus in an orderly manner and go directly to your destination.

·                     No standing, no feet in the aisles, no lying down or changing seats

·                     No food, animals, video games, or music listening devices to be used on the bus

·                     Students must not distract the driver’s attention through disruptive behavior.

Be sure that your student reads and understands the form we will send home during the first week of school. You and the student must sign and return this form by the end of the second week of school. Your child will not be able to ride the bus until you return this form.

What happens if my child breaks a bus safety rule?

Below are the consequences for breaking any bus rule:

·         First offense—1 day suspension from bus service.

·         Second offense—3 days suspension from bus service with mandatory parent conference prior to readmission to bus service.

·         Third offense—suspension from bus service for the remainder of semester (either January or the end of the school year).

·         Fighting on the bus is an automatic 5-day suspension from bus service.

If a child is suspended from the bus, the family will have to provide transportation to and from school.

We will not excuse absences from school because of a bus suspension.

What if I need to change how my child gets home?

If your child will go home by a different method or be picked up by someone different, you must notify your child’s teacher in advance and in writing. If the teacher does not receive your written notice, your child will follow the regular method of getting home.

Health and Safety

What should I do if my child needs medicine during school hours?

You must stop by the office and fill out a form giving us permission to administer the medicine. If your child needs prescription or non-prescription medicine, we must also have the current prescription signed by a physician.  All medication will be stored and dispensed in the office.

What will you do if my child becomes ill or is hurt during school?

If we believe your child is ill or has been hurt, we will try to call you immediately at the phone number you left with your child’s teacher.

If we cannot reach you, we will use the Emergency Information Form to contact you or the person you designated.

In an emergency, we will call 911 while we are still trying to reach you.

If the problem is an accident/injury, our staff will complete an accident report to keep on file. If the injury is minor, the classroom teacher will exercise judgment in making a decision to call you during the day. However in most cases, we will alert you so you can view the injury yourself.

How long should my child stay out of school if he or she has head lice or nits?

Your child must stay home until effectively treated and all lice and nits are gone. Treatment with a pediculicide shampoo such as RID, R&C, or A-200 is usually effective.

What if my child has a contagious condition such as pink eye, ringworm, or chicken pox?

To protect the school population, students with diseases that can spread easily must be kept at home until treatment renders the students non-contagious.

·                     Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis): Student may return to school with a doctor’s note; or when antibiotic treatment has started; or when the eye is no longer red and swollen, and discharge and itching has stopped.

·                     Ringworm: Student may return to school after treatment has begun.

·                     Chicken pox: Children may return to school after all lesions are scabbed.

When should I keep my child home?

Your child should stay home if he or she:

§         has a fever of 100 degrees or higher;

§         has been exposed to a communicable illness; or

§         demonstrates any of these symptoms—malaise, headache, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, or symptoms of upper respiratory infection.

Should I worry about asbestos at the school?

No. Our campus has been certified as asbestos free.


Can my child have a cell phone at school?

If your child’s teacher and you (as the parent) both agree to allow the cell phone at school, then, yes. However, the cell phone must remain off during school hours and on the bus. The student must safeguard the cell phone. The school will not be responsible for it. If the student uses the cell phone improperly then the student will lose the privilege to carry one and may face a disciplinary measure.

Can my child bring a electronic devices to school?

Students may not bring personal items or electronics that are unrelated to school. School is not the place for these items because they tend to interfere with the learning environment. Staff members may confiscate these items.  Parents will need to pick them up.

The school is not responsible for anything your child brings to school.

Can my child sell or trade items at school?

No. Students cannot sell or trade items such as candy, gum, cards, etc. to other students on campus. Exceptions to this policy are items that the Directorate approves as school or class fundraisers.