Catered Meals

Children may bring their lunch to school daily or families may choose to purchase meals from Subway, Neo Burrito, Panda Express, Greenlife or Earth Fare.

On Mondays we provide a menu from Subway which includes 6 inch subs and an option for chips/water. Each sub will cost $4.00. Chips and water are extra.

On Tuesdays we provide menu options from Neo Burrito. The prices range from $4.00-$5.00.  If you do not choose a protein from the “meat” section of the order form the cost is $4.00.

On Wednesdays we will order from Panda Express. The price will range from $4.25 to $6.25.

On Thursdays we will order from Greenlife Wholesale Foods. The menu will consist of sandwiches, salad and fruit options including vegetarian. Chili will be available in winter months.

On Fridays we will order pizza from Earthfare at $1.00/slice. Students may choose from cheese, pepperoni and onion/green pepper options.  Pizza can be ordered beginning Friday, August 25th.

Subway,  Neo Burrito, Panda Express and Greenlife  menus will be in your beginning of the year paperwork folder.  You can acquire additional menus from the school web site, or the school office.  Menus are not required for pizza orders.

*Payment and order forms are due on Friday mornings for pizza (for that day) and the following week’s Subway, Neo Burrito, Panda Express and Greenlife orders!

Order forms and money for lunch orders from Subway,  Neo Burrito, Panda Express and Greenlife for the week of August 28th-September 4st  need to be turned in to your child’s classroom by Friday, August 25th.

Please be sure to place your child’s name on the order for each order day!

Pizza orders and money are due on Friday mornings.

To download menus, click below:


Neo Burrito

Panda Express


If you have questions about this program, please contact the office at 236-9441 ext. 236