Francine Delany provides our children a creative, safe and intimate setting for learning from a highly-qualified and dedicated faculty.  Many families pay thousands of dollars a year to give their children this same sought-after experience.  Our children are benefitting from a private school environment at a public school cost.

FDNSC does MORE for our children with LESS.  As you probably know, charter schools have greater funding needs than regular public schools because they are given no federal or state money for buildings, transportation, textbooks, or technology.  It is through the dedication of school staff and families that we have been able to grow our little campus with two new buildings and a third on the way.  This is a testament to the strength and commitment of this community.

Help us make sure Francine Delany is here for our children and future children by supporting Francine’s Fund.   We would like to raise $30,000 dollars to help build our reserves (down from the cost of the new building), bolster our technology and expand our transportation offerings.

We know that every family has different means and needs, so our primary goal is that each family give something.   Every gift, even $1.00, is a vote of confidence and support in our special school.  Help us reach 100% giving from families this year by giving to Francine’s Fund.

You can also give to our Emergency Assistance Fund. This fund was created to support families who are struggling during the Covid-19 crisis. Your donation will help support our food assistance program and allow us to help more families in need.

Two ways to give:

1 – Donate Online with PayPal – you do not have to have a PayPal account to donate.

2 – Mail in your donation.  If mailing a donation, please indicate that your donation is for The Emergency Assistance Fund, or Francine’s Fund and mail to:

Francine Delany New School For Children
119 Brevard Road
Asheville, NC 28806